Finding time for everything

To ensure I don’t go crazy over my to-dos because @kimberlyyongmusic has been worried about my sanity (listen to your besties!), I scheduled sufficient time over this week to accomplish some non-school business and it’s been going so far. Doing this is good for a few reasons:1?? You’re focused and commited to accomplish the task during that… Continue reading Finding time for everything

Teaching during the pandemic is weird

My teaching reflection of late.As much as I try to normalize it, teaching during the pandemic is strange.I felt it this week because 3 of my students are moving back to another country that they used to stay. It’s literally halfway around the world.When this happen in the past, I used to feel very sad… Continue reading Teaching during the pandemic is weird

My Recent Shopee Purchases

Before you say anything, everything I recommend here is non-sponsored! Another thing to note is that I shopped on the Malaysian site. Metal Phone Holder Alcatroz Jelly Bean a200 Bluetooth Keyboard Flexible phone tripod aka Mr Octopus (M size)