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Hello there, Headshot of Teoh Cherylyn, site owner of Cherthemusic.org

Hello hello! I’m Teoh Cherylyn – a music teacher who just have a lot of passion for many things in music.

I am an experienced school music teacher of 8 years and am working for my third international school in Malaysia. I enjoy teaching the general music classroom from KS1 to KS2 and I like coming up with new ideas for music teaching.

In the past year, I have also shared about teaching Malaysian music. I do also freelance as a piano teacher as it is my main instrument and so you will find some posts related to piano education.

Due to my past experience in using technology in my music lessons, I started my personal brand, Cherthemusic to offer coaching to music teachers worldwide. Eventually, I started my own online community called, Music Teachers Meet Technology (MTMT) in year 2020 due to the pandemic.

I saw this urgent need for my local colleagues to know more how best they can use technology to help them in their jobs professionally. This community contains tutorials for teachers on how to use software, apps and websites for music teaching and learning.

I have also since created an online course for using Musescore called Mastering Music Notation Software. It is a free music notation software and it gives music teachers a good head start on creating their own lesson materials.

Whenever possible, I also write about music teacher development blog posts that I hope will benefit fresh and experience music teachers. To help music teachers have a good start with online teaching, I wrote this e-book “The Practical Guide to Setting Up Online Music Lessons” which you can download for free by joining my email list.

Aside from music education, I’m also a small time music arranger and music transcriber. I used to do lots of piano covers when I was a teenager and this cultivated interest helped me discover music arranging when I studied at university. I have since learned to orchestra to big bands, small bands and ensemble. In recent years, I’m more focused on arranging for piano solos.

With these skills, I was active on Fiverr doing all sorts of gigs related to music which included academic analysis, music arrangement, composition, transcription and production. I learned a lot from doing the gigs on this platform and I would encourage anyone to give it a try.

Currently, I write articles related to music teacher development which includes technology and productivity tips. I hope my personal experiences may be of use to other music teachers who seek to improve themselves professionally. No matter the age or experience, I believe that one can never learn enough as a teacher.

Times are changing and so are our students. Hence, I also make it a point to learn things outside of my field like social media marketing and general management. Feel free to contact me for any work or freelance opportunities.

If you would like to support my website, please do check out my sheet music and video courses. Do check out the site directory!

P.S. I’m very active on Instagram, do DM me to say hi! You can find me elsewhere here.

Fun Fact about Cherthemusic

The “Cher” in “Cherthemusic” is derived from my name. “Cher” also means “love” in French. So “Cherthemusic” can mean love music. Besides that, “Cherthemusic” also does sound like ‘share the music’.

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