Finding time for everything

To ensure I don’t go crazy over my to-dos because @kimberlyyongmusic has been worried about my sanity (listen to your besties!), I scheduled sufficient time over this week to accomplish some non-school business and it’s been going so far.

Doing this is good for a few reasons:
1?? You’re focused and commited to accomplish the task during that schedule.

2?? You ensure that you have time for unplanned activities (e.g. A virtual catch up, self-development activities)

3?? Your anxiety (hopefully) decreases as you try to follow your plan.

I have been OCD about finishing tasks so it’s still a painful process to stop being productive. I sometimes suspect I enjoy being busy ?. Having said that, I’m able to spend sometime outside of my workspace and just be there for family. This is important as I keep telling myself.

What do you do to pace yourself? Share in the comments or DM me!

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