Music Research During A Pandemic

The pandemic has affected education worldwide and scholarly pursuits in music research is not left out. In this video podcast, I’m joined by Lee Voon Foong to discuss about some of the challenges and changes in the field of music research during this trying times. Is going virtual the only research method now? We also discussed a little about how the pandemic has affected music teaching and the learning attitudes of music teachers.   




00:00 Host intro
00:35 Guest intro
07:55 Topic intro
09:07 Brief overview of Voon Foong’s research
11:20 Type of research he is doing
14:14 Finding his research participants
15:19 Getting information from music teachers
17:28 Challenges during the pandemic
21:15 The new norm of research
24:00 Using survey in research
25:34 Is the pandemic discouraging qualitative research?  
27:46 Significance of research observation
29:51 Challenges of experimental research
31:07 Opportunities in research now
32:03 Challenges in virtual learning – Latency, teacher experience in virtual class
33:39 Self-efficacy of music teachers in teaching and learning
37:50 The attitudes of music teachers towards the pandemic
40:05 The difficulties of teaching wind instruments virtually and how it affects audio suppression in video calls
42:56 Closing thoughts by Voon Foong
46:25 Phd????
47:55 Connecting with Voon Foong

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