My Journey on YouTube Algorithm, SEO Tools and Developing Video Editing Skills

This video is about my journey on YouTube Algorithm, SEO tools and developing video editing skills. I shared about my experience revamping my YouTube channel and how I learned some tricks from SEO tools.

00:00 Intro
00:30How I use YouTube
00:56 Secret teacher tip
01:30 My past experience with having a YouTube channel
06:00 Growing my channel
06:50 An inspirational podcast I heard from Topcast by Tim Topham
08:10 Getting inspiration and new knowledge from other YouTubers
09:07 I purchased a month’s subscription of TubeBuddy, a SEO tool for YouTube
09:30 Designing better video thumbnails
10:10 Editing images on Canva
10:43 Creating nice video titles/transitions
11:30 Why I think SEO is important
12:10 A bunch of things I learned in the past week 1
2:33 Utilizing chroma key/green screen effect in video editing
13:04 Audience retention
13:40 Creating soundbites
14:20 Why I think long form videos don’t work on certain socmed platforms
15:20 Using Kapwing to create soundbites
16:20 How I feel about my video editing skills
17:05 Some finals thoughts about this experience

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