5 Tips To Be Tech-Savvy Music Teachers

How can I use more technology in my music lessons?

What software/app/website can I use?

If you want to develop yourself professionally, this free workshop is for you!

Learning outline

·        Tools to enhance your music lesson

·        Tools to help develop better student learning behaviour

·        Tools to help you in your work  

Suitable Learners

·        Music teachers who want to use technology in their lessons

Workshop Details

[Day] 21/7/2020, Tuesday, GMT +8 (Malaysian Time)
[Time] 9pm-10pm
[Pax] Limit 50 only

[Cost] FREE
[Online Classroom] The teacher will send Zoom Link from the email to attend the online classroom through any device with access to the Internet and Zoom system.


Q: What do I need to for this workshop?

A: You will need a Zoom account, computer/mobile device and earphones.

Q: What will be provided for this online workshop?

A: You will be provided short notes in PDF.

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