Drag and Drop Activities for Music Lessons

Google Slides changed my teaching life, literally. I have always wanted to create my own digital music activities without depending on other websites. Sometimes there is a certain style or learning standards that we want to achieve. Sometimes, we really want things to be simple. Creating drag and drop activities on Google Slides has been… Continue reading Drag and Drop Activities for Music Lessons

Creating Jigsaw Puzzles on Google Slides

When I first started using Google Slides A LOT this January, I was amazed by the sheer amount of ways one can use Google slides for class or group activities. One of them was creating a digital jigsaw puzzle activity and I love using this for my virtual art lessons as jigsaw puzzles are a… Continue reading Creating Jigsaw Puzzles on Google Slides

Cherthemusic Year End Sales!!!

Greetings Music Teachers! As the year closes, I hope you are still coping well with remote lessons. Hang in there and know that you are not alone I have an ongoing promotion for both of my online learning community, Music Teacher Meets Technology (MTMT) and Mastering Music Notation Software. To know more what these learning… Continue reading Cherthemusic Year End Sales!!!