The Rhythm Randomizer

Music Matters really is a huge archive of wonderful resource for music teachers.

I found this awesome tool for rhythm development called the Rhythm Randomizer.

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Here’s a sneak peek and quick (non-instructional) video on how it works.

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What is Rhythm Randomizer?

The Rhythm Randomizer website layout

The Rhythm Randomizer website is a simple website interface that is used to generate various rhythm patterns based on your preferred settings.

The Settings button on the upper left corner is where you choose the perimeters of the rhythm pattern that will be shown.

It has a reasonable amount of notes values to choose from basic crotchet notes up to advanced syncopated rhythms.

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The Time Signature or Meter option is also varied which includes simple and compound meters.

Even irregular meter like 5/4 time is available.

The number of measures or bars available are from 2 up to 8 bars.

Since the update of this post, it also includes Playback and Metronome function.

I’m sure this is a wonderful addition that all Music teachers were waiting for!

Overall, I like that the website has improved a whole lot from years ago and it’s much welcome!

Article update: 23/10/2021

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