Teaching children music note reading through storytelling

In recent months, I had this opportunity to work with new collaborators from across the Causeway. I was very excited as I have not seen such a product locally and I was eager to share about it with my teacher friends as well.

Music Note Reading Through Storytelling

Upon receiving the books, I did a IG live to show the unboxing and to brief my audience what the book is about. What I received were two books from Hilo Musico which called Who’s Who? One is labelled as a story about the treble clef and the other is about the bass clef. Together, these books serves to introduce children to music note reading and solfege through the beautiful art of storytelling.

The Main Storytellers of Who’s Who?

This book series creators are Singaporean based piano teachers, Susanna Ee and Tan Hui Leng. You can find out more about them here.

Cher’s Collaboration

Cher upon unboxing the Hilo Musico package that she received.

I was very caught on with the storytelling idea as it can be quite challenging to teach children music note reading. What more this books dispels all fears of using the rote counting method of note reading which is a very typical method in this part of the world.

This is my second time collaborating with another entity to promote good music note reading. If you recall, I did one last year on NoteQuest. It was a Facebook live review and also Q & A session with the NoteQuest app developer, Grace.

In any case, I can’t wait to share what I’ll do with the Who’s Who? series soon and I look forward to see how it will pan out.

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