I published my music to Spotify for Free!

In all seriousness, I never dream I would be doing this one day with my own music.

This crazy business started with me and a group of friends, brainstorming how we could distribute our original Christian songs. Being the tech person I am, I did all my research including this.

Then I came across this very interesting article.

This person, as ordinary as I am have the same ambition but we simply can’t afford to publish music from our own coffers if our imagination is so free to run wild.

I read as many reviews as I could about Routenote. It is a digital music distributor and one of many companies out there.

I decided I would try this with a piece of music I arranged for a school Raya celebration. An instrumental, unorthodox version of Wau Bulan, a Malay traditional song.

The whole process is relatively stress free until you have to do some creative work like making an album cover.

Ms Cherylyn's Music Education.jpg

I made this album cover with Canva, a really wonderful website for amateur artists like me. All dimensions must be noted otherwise the outcome can be awful, I think.

Another thing to note is also the file you upload. I believed I uploaded a very good quality Mp3 and it worked.

Other than all that, there’s pretty much a lot of wait involved and that’s what you get for publishing your music for free.

It took me 6 days for the song to get approved and the next day I could see this on Spotify.


I was so overjoyed I thought I broke the internet or something!

All in all, a very very interesting experience! I truly recommend to anyone who wants to give it a try and especially if you like sharing your original music through commercial channels.

The only disclaimer I would put out there is that your original music is not copyrighted in anyway. That’s a whole different process altogether.

At this note, here’s the link!


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