God of Rain

Since October 2017, I was quite worked up to complete this music arrangement for an original composition by my friend, Sheela.

It was some time back in early 2017 where I found that Sheela has personal composition. Me being me, I like to encourage others to see their songs come to life and I also like to be involved in producing original music.

We did our first draft recording in the same month but I wasn’t too happy about the sound and left it gathering for a good number of months and subsequently entered into the year 2018. It was around March or April that I finally got down to really making the music arrangement from scratch and new sounds just came out. When we finally got the recording done by early May (? – I seriously am not good at keeping track with timelines), the final sound was good. We were still looking towards setting a good time to release the music and finally we got the video done by the end of May.

This song is rather prophetic and at the same time, it couldn’t be more apt for this season that we are experiencing in Malaysia.

The production was simple but really time consuming as this is an independent project. Who knew that the church sanctuary will be a good place to create a makeshift sound booth? All things are also made possible with a little imagination and creativity.

In time to come, more things will be shared about The Damascus Project.

Thy will be done on earth as in in heaven.


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