Lesson Ideas: Musical Cliches

It’s already the end of the second term, I usually give graded tasks a rest towards the end of term. I still wanted my students to learn something interesting about Music.

I created this mini project on musical cliches. In my own terms, it means music that is used to dramatise or emphasise a scenario.

That video, to me, is the perfect example of how musical cliches are used.

I bet there are many videos such as these but they are in trend now as memes or viral videos. Such is this case for the age of social media.

Another example I used was this local telco ad video.

Not many knew but this song was originally a Peggy March favourite.

Task: Create a short video clip (1 to 3 minutes) or use an existing video clip to add in your own musical cliches taken from pop music, film music or classical music.

I gave my students the freedom of using silent films, game plays, animation etc.

Some even volunteered to record their own video which I thought was really great; an effort rarely seen sometimes.

I complied a Youtube playlist of Music very commonly used in these types of media: https://youtu.be/_D0ZQPqeJkk


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