Edu Tech Tools – Mp3

In the name of education, we need lots of free content to use in our classroom.

I find it quite unavoidable to use illegal means to get Mp3 but I justify that I’m not selling nor am I claiming to own the copyrighted content that I use in my classroom.

I find this site reliable by far in downloading music from Youtube. There many original if not, copyrighted content in Youtube that I wish to use and this is one means of getting it. It’s especially useful when you have internet connectivity issues and you wished you had an offline resource. Just remember, don’t claim it as your own and do not sell it.

This next site is also a very useful to to cut music without downloading any software. I like that it has many options of uploading the music e.g. via Dropbox, Google drive and even direct from your computer. Same reminder here though, don’t claim it as your own and do not sell it.

We need to give content providers due credit whenever necessary. Without them, we would have to create many ideas of our own.

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