Relaunch of cherylynmusic.wordpress

It’s been quite awhile that I’ve abandoned this WordPress.

I hope to revive it with new material.

Since my last few entries, I have moved on to new horizons – change of school. My responsibilities are much different from before. Nonetheless, I’m still doing my job as an educator.

Now, I aspire to create content as part of my own personal development.

You might see more educational content like leadsheets and self-made music videos. Since starting my new job, I have an iMac at my disposal. It is indeed a very powerful machinery that I have used so far. It has also proven very useful in creating multi-frame videos that I’ve been wanting to do for quite sometime. I’m slowly getting a hang of using Quicktime Player, iMovie and Garage Band. It has proven somewhat challenging as I was very used to using Garage Band on the iPad. I guess it’s time to upgrade my skills.

Since returning to my hometown, I have joined my church’s worship team and now on probationary mode. So far, I have attended two practices and I have so much to learn, especially repertoire. I decided to take the initiative to create leadsheets that will be very useful for musicians like me. I’m very much a visual learner and my ear is slow in picking melodies and harmony. I’m also very sure this initiative will also benefit others who might come across this WordPress.

If this is the first time you come across this WordPress, please be patient and I hope you will like the future content. I would also appreciate feedback on those future postings too.

Here’s to continuous learning!


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