Music Teacher Meets Technology (MTMT)


An online learning community for Music Teachers to learn about tech tools for the music classroom and studio.

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How can you make music learning more effective with technology?
What will help you gain a competitive edge in your music lessons?
What are digital tools transforming music education?

Be tech-savvy, increase lesson engagement and effectiveness.

Develop your teaching career by joining Cherthemusic’s MTMT, an online professional learning community and your one-stop resource for Music Tech tools.

Learning Outcomes

  • Pitch
  • Rhythm
  • Composition
  • Chords/Scales
  • Music Games
  • Music Literacy
  • Lesson Feedback System
  • Lesson Reward System
  • Many more standalone topics!

What do I get from this?

  1. Step-by-step tutorials by Cher, the Music Teacher Coach
  2. Online teacher support and consultation with Cher
  3. Supportive online learning community. 

Terms & Conditions

  1. This purchase is non-transferable. 
  2. This is a non-refundable purchase.
  3. Ensure that you have an active Facebook account. 

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