Jack of All Trades, Master of None

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After teaching virtual general music lessons for two months, I have learned one thing: There is no point in having all the tools if you do not know how to use them.

I pride myself in knowing the various tools for online teaching and learning but I don’t end up using my entire bag of tricks in my lesson. It just doesn’t work that way. .In the virtual or physical classroom setting, the teacher is required to assess the students’ understanding of a concept and application of skill. This is a tall order for virtual group music lessons.

My old bag of tricks is applicable for learning and understanding but I didn’t have a system to collect these evidences of learning. This aspect of classroom teaching is important because there are students to grade and reports to write. .After much trial and error, I fall back on the road less taken which is to create my own teaching, learning and assessment system. Since the school is using Google Classroom, it only makes sense to use Google apps like Google Docs and Google Slides.

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Creating my own material took up a lot of time but I felt a level of satisfaction as I have learned a new way of making virtual music lessons interactive and fun. I also sense that the students are also enjoying themselves as they are willing to send in their work too.

During this time of the pandemic, to have the students respond positively to my lesson material is a huge bonus as they are growing increasing frustrated about learning remotely.

All of us are hanging on to the last bit of our sanity, both teachers and students. .Can’t wait to return to physical lessons but that is another set of challenge as well. .One thing at a time.

The image below shows my growth and changes in my teaching tools. Have your teaching tools change over time? Comment and share about it!

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