Be A Student!

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Have you put yourself in the shoes of your students?
Are you still learning?
Are you still practising?

Sometimes the way to understand your students is TO BE a student.

I started learning the cello 4 years ago and I’m still a student. It’s a humbling experience everytime I enter my teacher’s home. It has taught me to learn and relearn many things that I knew and thought I knew.

As adults, we face many challenges from work and relationships. All of which are more complicated than the life our students have.

It’s good to take a breather and reflect how we can improve the quality of our life. Do it in a way which is efficient and fulfilling.

I challenge you to be a student again. Will you?
If you are already one, I applaud you for taking on one of the the biggest challenges life can give.

Be a student.


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