Must Have Music Apps on Your Android or iOS Device for Music Teachers and Students



If you’re a music student or teacher, you should have some basic apps that will help make your life easier. I use specific open source apps for some time now and all have different purposes.

smartChord (Android)

If you play general stringed instruments like acoustic guitar and ukulele, you will find this app most helpful when you want to ring up some chord patterns. You will have to select the instrument first before you get to check out the chords. It’s very useful if you want to try out different chord patterns and styles. The good news is that this app is free! It has been my trusty companion and I don’t have to scramble for Google’s help as you get the info directly from this app.


Soundcorset Tuner & Metronome (Android & iOS)

This is my go-to Tuner as the interface is very user friendly and I can switch to the Metronome function seamlessly. It really helps that the options for metronome settings is pretty wide. The tuner maps out a green area of +10 and -10 Hz which can help train string students to tune their instrument more accurately and also good ear training for perfect pitch. It also has a record function on the tuner that can record your acoustic playing. It has other functions I have not explored but a real good app nonetheless.


Recorder (default recorder app on your smart device)

Never underestimate this default app on your device ever again. It’s very important for recording musical ideas and I also use it to record rough samples to my Fiverr clients.


Piano MIDI Legend & Bluetooth MIDI Connect

As I recently purchased my Redmi Note 8 Pro, I decided to push the limits of this device as it boasts 8 GB of RAM. It does help that I ordered one with massive storage of 128 GB. I tried connect my KORG microkey AIR via Bluetooth to the Redmi using the Bluetooth MIDI Connect app. It detects my instrument well. After pairing both devices, I open Piano MIDI Legend and voila! I can start playing! I think this kind of setting works well if I have a powerful DAW-like app on Android or maybe just a simple tool to collect ideas if I’m on the road. I hope to explore more recording apps with this connection. Here’s a video to demonstrate the process:


Perfect Piano

It seems like the previous piano midi app should suffice, but I also use a second app for a different purpose just because I like the interface better. Perfect Piano has a record function which I think is very useful for those who want to train their listening or improvisation skills. You can press the record button, play a song of your choice in the background (e.g. Spotify) and start playing along with the song on the keys. Playback the recording to reflect on your learning. Here’s another demonstration:


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