Conference Hopping 2019 – Casio Music Teacher Conference

Casio Music Teachers Conference 2019

Some take aways from the forum and sessions



Forum: Teaching – The Perception vs The Reality

– it’s important for teachers to create the environment necessary for music learning
-the expectations of students as they enter into varsity needs to be adjusted to what is really expected in the industry
-make expectations clear to students so that a relationship can be built between teacher and learner
-teachers must learn the new trends aka Internet to help navigate the new mindset of learners towards musical learning
-learn to recognize the learning/knowledge gap and fill it in to help students transition to Higher learning
-exams should only be a checkpoint of skill; attempt to educate parents on this to adjust their expectation of teacher and student, break the parent’s mindset about exam as a destination
-be the example and show example of music as a communal activity, not another certificate to attain

Topic 1 by Dr Chan on Active Use of Supportive Keyboard in Teaching Contemporary and Jazz Piano
-a research that was carried out by his students at upm
-he demonstrated the importance of preparing students for jazz ensemble performance by actively supporting the student on another keyboard instrument during the learning duration
-this way of instruction helps students to understand and predict the ensemble environment
-it trains students to adjust psychologically better into the performance environment
-demonstration can precede understanding





Topic 2: encouraging millenials to practice
– make use of technology in the learning studio by incorporating electronic keyboard, make use of the rhythm and tone features.
– use apps to encourage sight reading
– be tech savvy to encourage post millenials to learn


Topic 3: acoustic performance technique – perfecting it on a digital piano
– Misa demonstrated how classical piano techniques can be achieved on the digital piano
– she also shared the importance of using imagery to facilitate the understanding of techniques
-create meaningful or fun names for boring pieces so that students are motivated to learn
– use common studies to demonstrate the use of technical exercises, students will be able to see applications more clearly in real examples rather than just exercises.



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