Classroom Management: Go Noodle

Running out of ideas on how to perk your young students energy?

Need some new dance moves for your kinesthetic kids?

Your students are sleepy and bored?

The digital age has produced one of the best solutions that educators will love.

Go Noodle


This is an interactive site catered to young and older children. It is best managed by teachers to use when students are

  1. feeling bored
  2. having low energy
  3. in need of warm up activities to start their day
  4. too energetic

The site provides all sorts of interactive videos to suit all kinds of energy levels. Most importantly, it helps students to focus.

Depending on my classes, I might use it at the beginning of the lesson to get the students warmed up for more kinaesthetic activities related to lesson. Sometimes I use it as a reward for accomplishing class tasks. In this aspect, when you create a Go Noodle account, you may create a few classes and chooses colorful characters for any of your classes. I’ve yet to know any limit of classes you can create but I would say it has fair amount of use.

The interactive videos can be categorized according to duration, energy level and even channel. Quite a number of content providers like MooseTube, KidsBop are featured in GoNoodle. This really saves a lot of time for the teacher in searching age appropriate content on Youtube.

Every time a video is completed, the character’s growth level will be increased. I believe that the characters have about 3 times to grow and then the character reaches its growth limit in the Transmogifier<I do not think my spelling for this is correct but a good try I guess>.

Overall, it’s a really fun site for students and for teachers.

Give it a try!

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