Music Game: What’s the Time, Mr Wolf?

I learned this game from the Wee Sing series. It only came with instructions on how to play.

Pick a student to be Mr Wolf and the other students will be the farm animals. Place Mr Wolf and the farm animals on opposite ends of the room. The farm animals will approach Mr Wolf by asking asking, “What’s the time, Mr Wolf?”. Mr Wolf will reply, “It’s ____ o’clock”. As the farm animals get near enough, Mr Wolf can reply “It’s dinner time!” and he/she will give chase and the farm animals will try to run back to their home base. The caught animal will have to stay at Mr Wolf’s home base or he/she can be the next Mr/Miss Wolf.

My students love this game very much especially those from early years to Year 3. To make it more fun and to encourage the students to sing, I wrote this little ditty that goes along with this game.

Download pdf link:


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