Kyrie Eleison Piano Cover/Chris Tomlin

Transcription Notes

I’ve been working on so many known and ‘old’ worship songs that I decided to challenge myself on something new. I browsed, it’s a very useful site as it provides rather detail information about the songs I’m learning such as the authorship or origins of the songs. They happen to have a listening of popular and new songs. First on top of the list was this song, Kyrie Eleison. I quickly jump in to listen to this new song from Chris Tomlin’s fresh-from-the-oven album, Never Lose Sight which was released less than a month ago.

Kyrie Eleison Chris Tomlin Music Video

Good songs are memorable. Period.

I could remember how the tune goes by the time I listened to it thrice. So I kept listening and the mechanics of my brain is working on how the rhythm of the melody.

This video is good to watch to know some background and the meaning of the song. Kyrie Eleison is the Greek term for ‘Lord have mercy’. I totally agree that the message of this song is very, very relevant to what is happening to the world today. God’s mercy is what we really need to survive and go through the pains of this world.

Kyrie Eleison Chris Tomlin Sheet Download

Free lead sheet for download:



The file in G key is based on the studio version. However, the key went a semitone down in the interview video. I think F# major is very hard to play in so I did not generate it in that key. Since the song is sung by a male singer, the G key is pretty comfortable low range voice but I think the lady singers will need a boost in key, so that’s why there is also a C major version.

Hope you enjoy learning this song as much as I do.

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