Ayak-ayak: Modern Ensemble Arrangement

Ayak-Ayak Sheet Preview

Ayak-Ayak Score Info

  • Instrumental ensemble music inspired by gamelan music
  • Ensemble includes Chinese flute (Di Zi), Dulcimer, bongos, cabasa, finger cymbal, two piano parts/four-hands piano
  • Style of music towards jazz
  • Moderately slow tempo
  • 4/4 time
  • Full score and parts score available
  • Printable and tablet friendly

Ayak-Ayak MP3 preview

Ayak-Ayak Contemporary Arrangement Ensemble Sheet Download

Ayak-Ayak Arranger Notes

I’m bringing back a lot of old arrangements into the open now. When I was studying my music degree, I had the privilege of playing Gamelan music. They are really intriguing instruments and its music simple as it maybe, it’s also most wonderful.

For a contemporary music class assignment, I take joy in arranging music for all kinds of instruments. Then, I decided to take the music we learned in Gamelan class and transformed its melody into a different style – jazz, which was pretty much what I was studying as part of my major.

At that time, we had really limited instruments and skills. We had to employ the use of keyboards and pianos. The name of the Gamelan music is “Ayak-ayak” and to be honest, I do not know its meaning either!

Below is a Gamelan sample of Ayak-Ayak:

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