Reflection – 15th August 2014 – Assessment CPD

A very much delayed reflection on this CPD.

I thought this session was quite informative. It reinforces my understanding of what assessment is all about. As compared to the first time I entered FISP, I now know a lot more about formative and summative assessment, what they are all about. How we carry them out is very important: formal or informal. How we plan to assess the students and what we plan to assess the students is also very important as they connect very much with the lesson goals or the programme goals.

I find it quite interesting when we share our styles of managing the students for assessment, especially when we group the students. There are still many undiscovered methods and I hope I will learn and study more about these methods.

In my music assessment, I usually have to do group assessment as the class I teach are rather large. If I can have it my way, I would prefer individual assessment as I think it is more fair and valid. However, not all choosers can be pickers. So, I stick to what I think is best for me and my students. I also pay very close attention to the behaviour and personality of my students before arranging them in certain groups. Since last academic year, I have cease to allow my students to choose their own groupings as they tend to choose being with their friends and end up not focusing on their task. It was very time consuming.

I have yet to start my first summative assessment for this quarter but I hope I can handle them better this year. All the best to me and my colleagues!

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